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Emperador Clothing

We are a Massachusetts based social enterprise - business created to do good in the world - that provides our customers with products made from environmentally sourced fabrics that are designed to foster dialogue on social justice and environmental issues.

Our company’s name is a mix of Spanish and English — the two most spoken languages in the United States. Our name relates to the Hans Christian Andersen tale, ‘The Emperor’s New Clothing’, about an emperor, emperador in Spanish, and the importance of speaking up and dialogue, which is what we hope to inspire with our products.

To ensure that each product's message is as authentic as the material with which it is made, we source environmentally responsible fabrics via our production partnership with tonlé.

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The Art of Ken Daley

Ken draws inspiration for his work from his African-Caribbean roots, his life experiences and the people and cultures he encounters along the way. He explores art through different styles and materials - oil, acrylic, ceramic tiles, wood, nails and found materials - each spilling onto and infusing the other. His work is an explosion of colour and emotion, indelibly marking forever impressions onto the mind of the viewer.

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Sully's Brand

The bold aesthetic that we've fine tuned over the years might be getting coopted by the blue chip apparel brands, but that's the way it goes when you're the innovator.  Sully's is the craft beer that is changing how the Bud's are doing business these days, and our small size keeps us nimble and always on the cutting edge, just ahead of our competition. Our passion for all things Boston helps us to create original apparel and merchandise that not only lets you rep your city, but also look great doing it, so thank you for joining us on our journey!

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Aasma's Dream

Aasma’s Dream work with the artisans themselves and organizations that are helping women in difficult circumstances. Some women are domestic violence survivors. Some are raising handicapped children alone; others are widow and illiterate. These women have never had the chances we've had, yet they are just like us in so many ways. Aasma’s Dream features and will be presenting authentic cashmere scarves, shirts, pants and pillow covers hand-crafted with organic cotton.

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