Bit Bar

Bit Bar

There is something exhilarating about finding one of these machines forgotten in a basement or barn, you can clearly see the 35 years of both love and abuse. The feeling you get when it lights up for the first time after years of neglect is hard to explain. The knowledge and parts needed to fix them are quickly becoming part of a bygone era. However, it is clear that as a culture, we have a deep emotional attachment to these games and groups of passionate people have sprung up to keep them a playable part of our shared history.

This entire time we have had our eye on opening a permanent arcade restaurant and bar. A place where friends can gather to play the classics, grab a craft local beer and delicious food. Arcade bars are a proven concept nationally but something that the greater Boston area has been missing. We aim to put our own stamp on this concept by sharing our love for the art, music, and culture of classic games. We also are looking for ways of connecting with the heirs of this legacy, independent game developers, with a dedicated space for them to exhibit and special events for presentations of new creations.

Building on Bit Fest’s overwhelming success and the excitement and encouragement of our amazing supporters, the Bit Fest team is thrilled to now bring to Salem—greater Boston area's very first Bar-Arcade—Bit Bar!

Phone:  (978) 594-4838



M-TH 4pm–12am
F 4pm–1am
SA 12pm–1am
SU 12pm–12am