Flavors of Your Palate


Why did Personal Chef Jonil start Flavors of your Palate (FoyP)? 

Personal Chef Jonil started FoyP because he's passionate about food and social services. Since the tender age of seven, his relatives have been molding him into the great Chef he has become. His Caribbean heritage and culinary experiences from around the world show up in each of his dishes. He grew up in New York City and Miami! These two melting pots became his hands-on culinary schools. The taste, texture, smell, and colors of food keep him seeking innovative ways to create dishes. His curious palate has pushed him to stretch beyond the ingredients he grew up cooking with. Chef Jonil believes that the therapeutic effect that comes from the art of plating is incomparable. The final reason that drove him to start FoyP is the desire to be creative without limitations. He's doing what he loves and developing a human connection. 

What does the logo represent? 

The black spirals represent the ever-evolving world, the chef hats represent the profession, the words inside the chef hats represent the six types of flavors, and the colors represent the diversity of people and food.


Why did Personal Chef Jonil create Dining with Strangers (DWS)? 

Personal Chef Jonil states that there are many traditional Personal Chefs in the world, he wanted to be different! His two passions are food and social services, therefore, he married the two and Dining with Strangers was born. DWS are food centric networking events that encourage a connection amongst people. It gives strangers the opportunity to learn about one another's culture, ideology, and community. The hope is that strangers cultivate relationships such as friendships, love or business partnerships through their love for food. Chef Jonil considers himself an ambivert because he's outgoing but tends to get quiet around certain individuals or groups. He cannot determine why, but this may resonate with others who have similar personality traits. 

What goes on at the DWS events?

As Strangers arrive, they select their seats and pop open their bottles to drink and share. Once all Strangers settle in, they introduce themselves to the group. If there are presenters or vendors, they get to present their topic or products first while Chef Jonil sets up and preps the food. If there aren't any presenters or vendors, Chef Jonil quickly introduces a few topics (only one topic will be selected to discuss). Chef Jonil moderates the conversation all while preparing a 2-3 course meal.