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Atlee Greene, ElkMania Promotions

ElkMania is a charitable wrestling organization that donates all its profits to local non-profits to help build stronger communities.

Tell us a bit about you and what you do?

ElkMania is a professional wrestling and entertainment promotion based in the heart of the North Shore of Massachusetts. Founded in 2013 ElkMania, in association with the Beverly Salem Elks Lodge, is dedicated to providing quality family-friendly entertainment for charitable endeavors.

What part of your job would you consider creative, and why do you enjoy that part of what you do?

We’re telling stories! That is what is all boils down to: From booking talent, making the matches, and producing engaging storylines, we review every detail to ensure that our audience leaves our show with the feeling they got more than their money’s worth. I enjoy entertaining people, and it is an honor to do so with an art form that I’ve enjoyed and been a practitioner of for most of my life.

How does your creative work contribute to the growth and stability of the Creative Economy?

Professional wrestling has always had a tremendous following going all the back to the 1920s. Unfortunately, it gets a bad wrap primarily from those who don’t understand the genre. In reality, there are a lot of creative endeavors in the world that suffer from similar stigmas. If we can show that our family-friendly brand of action and excitement is fun for everyone, it could pave the way for other creatives to become ingrained and contribute to a healthy creative economy.

What’s your favorite part of running/managing a local business?

I grew up in Beverly and live in Salem. I love the North Shore and I’ve met a lot of wrestling fans in the area over the years. Most of the independent wrestling promotions primarily run shows in other areas of the state. Producing a dedicated professional wrestling product for the North Shore is a dream come true. Seeing the look on people’s faces when their favorite wrestler wins a match or witnessed a great story/angle is the biggest reward I can receive.

What’s the one thing people would be surprised to learn about you our your business?

Most people are usually surprised when they learn I used to be a professional wrestler. That might not be too much of a shock for those reading this. The funny thing is, I usually don't bring it up. People eventually discover it on their own, and the look on their face never ceases to amaze me.

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