Meet the Member - Chaos Factor & Rebel Yell Yoga


LoWreck & Chrissy: Chaos Factor

Tell us a bit about you and what you do?

LoWreck and Chrissy are on a journey to find balance in the chaos, and to continually transform and create. As veterans of the Boston music scene (The Spoilers, VAGIANT, Petty Morals and their new acoustic endeavor, Sweet Bangs), their creative adventures tend to be musically-inspired as well as visually, with FUN always back of mind. As avid yoginis, they also call upon self-healing, healthy living, and body-mind connections dwelling within both light and shadow. And as earthy Taurus babies, they like to keep it real... grounded, loyal, and practical.

These ladies draw energy from the natural world around them: the elements, the moon, the stars, and their deeply woodsy and watery New England surroundings. Rooted in Salem, they also share a joint affinity for the exotic, macabre shadowlands lying beyond the veil. With this energy, they conjure artistry that includes beads, bones, crystals and metal, ink prints and wooden panels, healing oils/balms and meditation tools that embrace the light of the sky above, as well as the darkness of the unknown. This amazing and fascinating world, full of magic and ancient wisdom, is their fuel.


What part of your job would you consider creative, and why do you enjoy that part of what you do?

All of it! This serves solely as a creative endeavor for us in our free time, so as creative people, we enjoy it all!


How does your creative work contribute to the growth and stability of the Creative Economy? If this isn't applicable: Why do you feel a healthy creative economy is important to a successful community?

Our community and the people we've met through Creative Collective are instrumental in our growth and success. We hope others feel the same way about us, too! Everyone promoting and supporting each other is what it's all about!


What’s the one thing people would be surprised to learn about you our your business?

This is a small side project for both of us, along with many other side projects that we precariously balance with 2 bands, full time jobs, and busy social lives as well. Oh boy!