Creative Marketing Tips & Tools 7/23/18

Let us help you market YOU! - Kati

Let us help you market YOU! - Kati

Marketing yourself or your business can be tricky with all of the places our media lives these days. Keeping a consistent presence on SOCIAL MEDIA is key to keeping your audience engaged!

1. Make sure to post regularly on all of your Social Media accounts- even if the content is the same across them all. Many users have a favorite platform (mine is Instagram!) and won't see everything unless you are doing this (and still may not due to forever-changing algorithms- but that's for another day).

2. If you have a special event coming up or have regular events it is important to upload these into FACEBOOK EVENTS. Traction for ticket sales are powered by Facebook in a lot of ways, and it's an easy for people interested to share or invite their friends, too!

3. INSTAGRAM STORIES are huge! If you're on Instagram, having regular posts on your stories will get more views than your most popular (regular) post, almost guaranteed! Interested in learning more about Instagram Stories? Already a pro and want to do a TAKEOVER on our Instagram account soon? Either way-- email me