Peabody Cultural Collaborative

Peabody Cultural Collaborative

"The Peabody Cultural Collaborative unites arts, business and cultural organizations in Peabody to better promote the creative economy and to enrich the cultural life of the region. "

Arts and culture play a vital role in making any city or town a remarkable place to live, work and visit.  By fostering and investing in the creative contributions of every facet of the community, we also engage the creativity in every resident and build a healthy and vibrant environment.

Peabody is fortunate to have many places and organizations that portray the rich history of the city, but also a myriad of groups that offer access to a rich and diverse ethnic heritage.  Cultural activities mean different things to different people.  It may be visual arts & exhibitions, performing arts & theatre, special events or classes.   Peabody is fortunate to have available many of these activities already, whether it be the art collections at the Peabody Institute Library or one of the historical society museums, such as the Elizabeth Cassidy Folk Art Museum.  Or there are the performances that happen at Wiggin Auditorium (once known as the Peabody Opera House).  How about the art classes and exhibitions that are now a staple at the newly opened ArcWorks Community Art Center.  Or the many festivals and celebrations hosted throughout the year by church, civic and youth groups.

The Peabody Cultural Collaborative

22 Foster Street
Peabody, MA 01960