Greg Coles Dance & Drum

Greg Coles

To the Caribbean and the Americas Africans brought rhythm and dance and made new stories from new situations.  ALL of Latin dance is directly derived from African dance mixed with European influence.  We teach authentic Latin dance from the streets (using original name and form) of Cuba, Puerto Rico, Colombia, the Domincan Repubic, Brazil, the Caribbean and South America.

In African Dance rhythm is paired with dance to tell stories about how individuals, families and communities celebrate earth, heaven and ancestry.  We offer classes, lessons and workshops on rhythm and dance from Mali, Guinea and Senegal, West Africa.

Children are quite comfortable wth cultural diversity. They expect a richly colorful world. Through Cultural Enrichment Programs we offer students of all ages the opportunity to experience rhythm, dance, caring and sharing, key aspects of agrarian African and Latin culture.

The social (the Latin dance party) is the individual's opportunity to join a supportive community, meet people and share common dance language with others in a festive, party atmosphere.  We offer group lessons at the start of or throughout the party to get beginners on the floor and offer experienced dancers a way to build skills.

Picante Soul plays world renown songs the way they were recorded, short and sweet, for dancers.  While we have a wide repertoire of songs, for your event, if you choose the music this band will play your custom list.  Picante Soul sings in at least six languages and plays at least twelve kinds of music including Salsa, Merengue, Bachata, Chachacha, Samba and Baladas, Disco, Oldies, Motown, Rock, Pop, Wedding Standards and Dance Standards.

Drumming is the earliest form of near and far communication.  When the sound of drumming and percussion is nearby it vibrates through the body and prompts the whole body to dance; at a distance it echos for miles and calls the enitre community to gather.  Just as individuals are part of community so too are individual rhythms part of sophisticated polyrhythms.  We offer private lessons and group drumming workshops to show the polyrhythmic structure of African and Latin drumming and percussion.