Corsara Artists

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We produce both opera/classical concerts and staged opera classics for the purpose of promoting & preserving operatic and classical music as an art; provide continued peer-based growth through mentorship and support to artists in the ensemble; build cultural awareness and create cross-cultural work opportunities & exposure for artists and audiences; develop local Young Artists in the highest standards of professional discipline and technical skills of the arts by creating opportunities to participate in all aspects of productions as well as learn directly from the professional singers in the ensemble; as well as seeking local vendors which can support out productions which we look to stage in traditionally underutilized venues/spaces which can benefit from such productions. In short though, what distinguishes our ensemble is:

• World-class talent
• Performing in interesting venues
• Creating an engaging event experience for audiences
• Which is inclusive of participation by Young Artists from the local community, and,
• Relies on local procurement to make it all a success!

Through the symbiotic relationship of all that goes into creating our productions we are reimagining, redefining and elevate “the audience experience” to break preconceptions that operatic and classical productions are "stuffy," "elitist," or only for "socialites." We want productions to be accessible, understandable, and simply enjoyable by all demographics in communities.