The Marketplace at Salem Haunted Happenings!

After a fantastically successful 2018, the City of Salem has extended our management contract and we are excited to once again be managing the marketplace in Salem for the last three weekends in October during the Haunted Happenings Celebrations! We are working on so many fantastic things to make this the best marketplace ever! All the details including pricing can be found in the application.

All efforts are going to be made to curate an amazing show! GOOD LUCK!

The dates for vending this year are as follows:

Oct. 11 - Pedestrian Mall and Derby Square

Oct. 12,13 - Essex Street, Pedestrian Mall, Derby Square

Oct. 14 - Pedestrian Mall

Oct. 18 - Pedestrian Mall and Derby Square

Oct. 19,20 - Essex Street,Pedestrian Mall, Derby Square

Oct. 25 - Pedestrian Mall, Derby Square

Oct. 26,27 - Essex Street, Pedestrian Mall,Washington St. Derby Square

Oct. 28,29,30 - Pedestrian Mall


There are still some details coming from the city with the possibility of some other locations. Please keep in mind that this is an 'Application of Interest' and some specifics may change!

More information and details inside the application.

If you are having trouble with the application please don’t hesitate to reach out.

Creative Collective Merchant Marketplace Haunted Happenings 2019.png