Determined to find drink alternatives for my family, my “EUREKA!” moment came making craft sodas at home. Turns out the fruit mixers I cooked up on my stovetop tasted just as fabulous with vodka!  And rum.  And tequila. You get the picture.

Fruitations is designed for pairing to shake up your spirits and craft your sodas – naturally. These hand crafted mixers come to life in small batches, using only three ingredients: fruit, water, and pure cane sugar.  Simple with a wake-up call to your taste buds, Fruitations reminds you that fruit can taste this good – especially in your drink.

I still keep Fruitations’ ingredient list short to let the true fruit taste really shine. Whether mixed into cocktails or stirred into seltzer, Fruitations elevates your beverages – and expectations – with bold, real fruit.



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