Grace & Diggs

Grace & Diggs

Artists' Row

Salem, MA

Welcome to Grace & Diggs!  This is a shop on Artists' Row in Salem, MA.  Part gallery, part workshop, part event space, we feature art and handcrafted items made locally.  

We thrive on being part of Salem's Artist Row and recognize the critical role of art in building and maintaining great communities.  We participate in ours in the following ways:

  • We offer workshops and invite our customers to come make art with us
  • We offer social evenings that use art-making as a way to bring people together
  • Whenever we can, we opt for up cycled materials, turning discarded paper, plastic, and fabric into wearable art and installation pieces
  • We collaborate with other artists & business owners to increase artistic visibility and to integrate art and business in new ways 
  • We support and participate in the endeavors of other artists & organizations 

It is our goal to inspire our visitors to make some art, slow down, experiment with the small things.  They are all small things, after all.