Vamp Roots

From the murky darkness of a studio apartment in Historic Salem Massachusetts, a young entrepreneur lays the groundwork for what would become the world’s largest source for custom fit vampire fangs.

The year: 1993. Vampfangs peddled fangs to small stores, door-to-door. They would set up a booth in Salem during Halloween to offer passersby a chance to have their own custom fit fangs. Customers clamored to become instantly transformed. “What else have you got?” was a common reaction. In the shadows of his mind, Vampfangs knew they were on to something. He also knew that the Gothic / Alternative / Vampire customer base was worldwide, and to reach it he need a worldwide approach. The internet. And thus, was born.

Vampfangs has found incredible success by remaining innovative and always appealing to a wider range of customers. Today, Vampfangs has come full circle back in Salem with a new retail location on Essex Street!

COMING SOON! Retail Location:244 Essex Street • Salem, MA 01970