SaVor Designs


Welcome to SaVor Designs!

Since 1999, SaVor Designs has been providing clients with costumes of their dreams.  Owner, designer and creator, Stephanie Voyer, has been working as a Costume and Bridal Designer across the country.  She began designing in Boston, MA and moved to San Diego, CA for a few years at the beginning of her career.  Today, she brings her creations to Salem, MA selling unique and whimsical hats and cloaks to the bustling crowds downtown every October.  

When Stephanie is not practicing her millinery, she can be found whipping up one-of-a-kind costumes and bridal gowns.  She focuses on the bride that doesn’t want anything “traditional”, from Indian saris, to Happy Potter and Doctor Who inspired creations, there is nothing cookie-cutter about her designs.  With the insurgence and popularity of comic conventions in past few years, she has provided fun replicas of famous characters and icons, and loves putting her own spin on things.  Her most recent adventure included creating a GOT/White Walker Queen – how fun!

When asked, Stephanie says she finds her biggest inspiration in the creativity and ideas of her clients and she loves the collaboration of design.  She elaborated further, saying “there is nothing more rewarding and magical than seeing the look on your client’s face when they try on your creation for the first time and transform into the character that is in their mind.  I have been doing this for over 20 years and I still get goosebumps and grin like a maniac at every fitting!”


So, hunt down her pop-up shop on Essex Street this October, or check out her other projects on Facebook and Instagram.