As a formally trained metalsmith and sculptor (Massachusetts College of Art & Design, ‘10), owner and artist Stephanie began to realize that I don’t just want to create work destined to live on a pedestal and collect dust.  That’s not to say I didn’t enjoy the processes and results of large scale sculpting — I especially love the excitement of working in the foundry, where I dedicated several years to casting big surreal insects in bronze and iron. 

I just felt there was something solitary and oddly final about the pieces I was producing.   
Only a handful of eyes would ever see or experience them, and the interaction would never truly progress beyond that moment in time. 

It dawned on me that I want to create art that I can share on a more personal level: 
As a work of art you can wear and carry with you every day. 
As a talisman to maintain your link to the underworld and outer limits. 
As a physical reminder of who you are at your strange & lovely molten core.  

Hypnovamp has passed though several names and experimental evolutions since 2013, but I consider 2017 to be her true birth year.  Before that, she was just a one-celled creature in a cesspool, dreaming of legs.  Now she has bat wings and a whole universe to explore. 

Want to explore?  Enter the galaxy HERE.