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ravenstone is the name we gave to our house.

the house sort of found us, just as this adventure of curating and creating found me shortly after. i am a firm believer in sending your intentions out to the universe, regardless of how absurd they may seem, and the universe will deliver. we wanted a kickass house. it unexpectedly found us.

i wanted to start something new and creative. turns out there was a pottery school one minute down the road. pottery was the missing link for me - i have always loved oddities, antiques, and natural wonders, but i needed that element of self-made; something to hold it all together as a full representation of me that i could share with others. from there, i also gained the confidence and inspiration to start creating my own jewelry. 

this shop name made sense to me considering moving into this big spooky house unlocked a new, wonderfully artistic way of living. ravenstone gifts is the culmination of what i love and the representation of how i love to live.