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Flourish Artistic Services aims to provide the highest quality artistic services possible. Art has the power to connect and inspire unlike anything else, a creative addition brings people back time and time again!



Hello there! My name is Hailey Bonia, I am an award-winning multi-disciplinary artist. I am 21 years old, I have an extensive background in photorealistic illustration, which I pursue vigorously in addition to running Flourish Artistic Services (You can check out some of my drawings on the ‘Illustrations’ page of this site, or in full at haileybonia.com). I live and breathe art, I am at my happiest covered in paint and charcoal, and am blessed to be able to create every day. In addition to illustration, I am deeply invested in fonts & typography, mural painting, and spray paint, which . My life’s purpose is to creative stunning artwork to share with the world, bring people together, and give insight into the importance of creativity in society. I greatly look forward to a lifetime of making art, and hope to influence and transform many communities through Flourish.