Creative Collective LLC PROVIDES CREATIVE BUSINESS OPPORTUNITIES AND connects creativity, community, and commerce across the North Shore. 




John is the owner of Creative Collective, Creative North Shore and John Andrews Photography. John has spent the past five years unraveling the mystery of why there is an unbalance and gap between traditional and ‘creative’ businesses and has established the collective to work with modern, open minded businesses looking to make the world a more artistic, cultural and creative place AND close that gap. A lover of the underdog, all music that gives you the “feels” Doctor Who, and community in general.

MichellE Garcia

Operations Director• Expert Lettersmith •Cat Mom

Originally from New Haven, CT – which she (erroneously) claims to be the home of the best pizza – Michelle is the Director of Membership and Creative Growth here at the Collective. Being a talented artist herself (working in design, illustration, and lettering), and an alumna of Montserrat College of Art in Beverly, Michelle gets what it’s like to be a working creative person. She has the bandwidth to help working artists have the connections and resources they need to thrive. Also an avid reader and a boss cake decorator, Michelle likes to unwind at the end of a long day with a good book, a glass of wine, and her two cats Ichabod and Dottie Spinach.

Kati nalbandian

Social Media Queen • Karaoke Fiend • Dancing Machine

Kati is the Collective’s Assistant Director of Creative Development and Social Media QUEEN. She curates and manages member content across all of the channels and promotes all of the Collective’s projects and events. A Leo through and through, Kati loves connecting with members and helping them create content that makes viewers freeze their scrolling and pay attention. In her limited spare time, she loves to dance, make mixed media art and collages, sing about silly things, and explore New England’s green spaces.

Joey Phoenix

Managing Editor Manic ScribbleR Professional FaeriE Guinea Pig Enthusiast

Joey is a professional faerie character performer with a passion for big creative ideas, biodegradable glitter, and the oxford comma. They joined Creative Collective as Managing Editor in late 2018 to help the team tell stories about what’s up and coming in the North Shore Creative Economy.  When they’re not interviewing creatives or scribbling stories in the wee hours of the morning, you can find them photographing animals or performing songs about nature for children of all ages.

Carrie Francis Cabot

Director of Creative Growth• Public Dancer• Math geek

Carrie is a Kentucky-born mother of two, math teacher and educator, dancer, and the Director of Creative Growth at Creative Collective. The Former Executive Director of a non-profit organization, Carrie has been in Salem for 15 years after stints abroad, North Carolina, and Ohio – where the delights of corn mazes and cow tipping just weren’t enough to please her. In between building community, tutoring kids in math, and bringing like-minded creatives together, Carrie frequently dances all forms of Latin and West African Dance with Live Drumming, performing in shows and demonstrations all over the North Shore. She has never tried to teach a cow to dance, but if one wanted to learn, she would be up for the challenge.

Amber Wingerson

Research Maven • Museum Aficionado • Probably a Spy

Amber is the Collective’s Marketing Coordinator and resident history buff. She uses her fantastic research skills to compile data about the benefits of the Creative Economy (and why each and every member matters) and help Kati stay top of all happenings here at the Collective. Her attention to detail is unparalleled (she might be a spy) as nothing gets past her, a skill most likely due to her experience working in Museums all over the country, including Cape Ann Museum where she currently works as a curatorial assistant. She loves Museums (obviously), traveling to new places, small felines, and spending time with friends.




Andrew spent years designing for sports franchises in the NHL, MiLB, ECHL, NBA, and food & beverage networks such as Sysco, MillerCoors, Mike’s Hard Lemonade, Diageo, Tito’s Vodka, and more. In the past year alone, Andrew & his team have helped hundreds of businesses realize the importance of design, branding, and their online presence. Andrew’s diverse background, original ideas, efficient creativity, and insane work ethic has proved to be vital in today’s fast-paced environment.



Mikki Wilson is a creative entrepreneur, and her medium is community and connections which she has transformed into an art form. Working with non-profit and for profit organizations and connecting them to creativity for the benefit of all Mikki has developed an integral new tool in the establishment of a union between artists/creatives and the rest of the world.





Joey started playing with light at a very young age. His first inspiration and fascination was with the color organs of the 1970's, and the advent of the "disco light" craze of the 1980's. During that time it was not uncommon to see his bedroom windows glowing from streets away. In his teens he began experimenting with electronic kits, and quickly learned what a short circuit was. From strobe lights to early color-changing installations with Christmas lights, his portfolio was already growing.



“I’m a Vice President and Community Business Banker at Salem Five, where I’ve worked with business owners and consumers for 15 years; the last 5 in Salem.  During my time in Salem, I’ve engaged with the community in many ways; most notably as Salem Chamber president in 2015 and 2016, and as Rotary President in 2017-18.  I began at Salem Five just before college, when I worked part time while attending Massachusetts college of art.  I graduated in 2007 with a Bachelor of Arts in Illustration.  These days my creativity consists mostly of doodling in the margins of post-it notes and DIY projects/woodworking around the house.  I live in Beverly with my wife and two sons.”


Rich wanted to play pro basketball when he grew up, but found himself trapped in the body of a software developer. He played to his strengths and has been building software for the web since its early days. He’s worked at blue chips and startups, but is best known as co-founder of Dribbble, a popular online community for designers, where he led product design and software development for eight years until selling the company. He’s currently advising startups and wondering what to be when he grows up.

He loves puns, podcasts, and living in downtown Salem with his wife and kids. And still plays basketball.


Casey’s early attempts at becoming a theater actor growing up on Cape Cod as a youngster were thwarted with his harsh rejection for the lead role in “The Velveteen Rabbit” in favor of his best friend.  Casey has been the Executive Director of The Cabot Performing Arts Center, a nonprofit performing arts organization and steward of the historic Cabot Theater in Downtown Beverly since 2015. He also serves on the Board of Directors of Beverly Main Streets and as an Advisory Council Member for Essex County Community Foundation’s Creative County Initiative and for Creative Collective, LLC. Casey’s love of old theaters started after college when he took at job working on the stage at the Orpheum Theatre in Boston and he never looked back. Casey loves the intersection of the arts and urban planning and lives in Downtown Beverly with his wildly talented musical girlfriend, Jacyn, and his two beautiful children, Laurel and Oliver. He feels that he is an incredibly lucky human being.